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Aaversal Global Relocation will move all your belongings internationally and domestically, including vehicle and car transport. We have the know-how to relocate your vehicles and cars, no matter where in the world you are moving.

We offer international and domestic car shipping services, including roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping and containerized transport. We specialize in international car shipping for GSA government employee vehicles. Whether you are planning an individual, corporate, or government move, Aaversal can include car shipping in your relocation.

International Car Shipping

Aaversal has the expertise to ship your vehicles internationally. Our knowledgeable team will manage the logistics, transport, documentation, and customs for your car transport. We will work with your needs and budget to choose the suitable international vehicle transport for you.

International car shipping includes:

Roll-On / Roll-Off (RoRo) Shipping

International Roll-On / Roll-Off is the most common and economical method of international car shipping. Your car is driven onto the vessel and secured for transit. The vehicle is rolled on and off the ship’s ramp rather than transported within a container.

Containerized Car Transport

This international car shipping method loads your vehicle into a container. This option reduces shipping time and provides the most protection for your car. Exclusive or consolidated use of the container is available for vehicle shipping. We recommend this method for more valuable cars.

Domestic Car Shipping Across Country

Aaversal Global Relocation offers car shipping services across the United States. Our vetted network of experienced car carriers provides options to choose the fastest and most cost-effective quality car transport. Both open and enclosed car shipping is available, depending on your budget and needs.

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GSA Government Employee Vehicle & Car Transport

Aaversal frequently provides domestic and international car shipping for GSA moves and government employee relocations. We will work with you and the embassies to coordinate all the necessary documentation and waivers. Learn more about our government relocation services.

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