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Aaversal Global provides secure warehouse storage for relocation storage-in-transit. Short or long-term storage is available during domestic or international moves.

Shippers rely on storage options to provide the flexibility they need during their move. Aaversal provides storage when shipments are awaiting transportation, or destination homes are not ready for delivery.

Families temporarily relocating to furnished homes use Aaversal’s long-term storage solutions to keep their belongings safe while they are abroad or on assignment.

Aaversal’s relocation storage-in-transit is safe, secure, and provides peace-of-mind. Aaversal has access to hundreds of vetted warehouses. Facilities are pristinely maintained, equipped with security, and conveniently located.

relocation storage-in-transit

Relocation Storage-In-Transit Includes:

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Short-Term Relocation Storage-In-Transit​

Aaversal’s short-term storage-in-transit (SIT) is perfect for customers who need to store their belongings for a few days or weeks while they await transportation or their destination home is not ready for delivery.

Our service has the flexibility to store for days or weeks, with the option to extend to long-term storage. We can store in a warehouse conveniently located to your origin, destination, or transportation port.

Long-Term Storage For Moving

Aaversal’s long-term storage is perfect for customers who need to store their belongings for an extended period. Our service is flexible and can store for months or years.
Our extensive network provides storage anywhere in the world. Long-term storage is perfect for customers who are on assignment, relocating abroad, utilizing furnished corporate housing, or moving to a temporary home.
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Relocation Storage-In-Transit Specializations

Aaversal provides corporate clients with storage solutions that adhere to their allowances and the company’s budget. Relocation storage-in-transit offers the flexibility required to relocate employees on a schedule that keeps them productive. Learn about our corporate relocation services.

Aaversal provides relocation storage-in-transit in government-approved warehouses. Our short and long-term storage solutions adhere to GSA protocols. Learn more about our government relocation services.

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