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Review and complete these important documents for your move. Send completed documents to your move counselor or [email protected]

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Activities and resources for kids who are moving.

Moving FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions during the move process. If you have more specific questions, contact your move counselor, or call us at 253-501-4406.

We typically do not have the crew arrival time until the day prior to packout/delivery. We ask that you are free the whole day for services.

Yes, someone must be present for the duration of packout/delivery.

Food or alcohol items (variers by destination country), hazardous materials of any kind (items that are flammable, corrosive, or explosive), perishable items, and irreplaceable or sentimental items. You can find a list of prohibited items in our Moving Tips document and always feel free to reach out to your coordinator for clarification on specific items.

If you have boxes already packed, the movers will need to be able to open them to inspect, inventory, and repack if needed. If they are able to use your original box, they will.

We suggest you put your pets in a designated room on packout day to avoid them running out as the doors will be open or hiding in boxes/items that the movers are packing.

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