It's no secret to anyone that moving can be stressful, full of challenges and apprehension. Therefore, before you make your selection of a relocation company, one of our experienced Relocation Specialists will provide you with a project estimate. The quote given will cover the cost of the move to include the transport of household goods, vehicles and any other selected personal belongings, in addition to other services we'll provide.

Aaversal commitment is to control costs, while ensuring your employees experience a quality relocation. Our Relocation Specialists will guide your employees and their families during the entire move and manage all relocation agent - partners in the process.


We provide reliable domestic and international household goods relocation. During each of our assigned moves, safeguarding personal goods is our top priority. Therefore, we only use top quality packaging materials, experienced movers and a time proven process to ensure a safe and successful relocation to your new home.

In the movement of your belongings, we offer shipments by either air, land or sea…any one of which can be selected based upon the time-frame and urgency of the relocation. It will be our responsibility to safely secure all household goods and prepare for the shipment based on the chosen moving methods.

Air Freight Transport

Often a relocation is time-critical, and the need to accelerate the moving process is paramount. As such, some clients may wish to move essential items by Air Freight. If this is part or all of the chosen options, we will individually pack your household goods and place them in either a protective air freight container or special shipping case.

Ocean Transportation

Overseas relocations typically utilize containerized ocean shipping of household goods. If vehicle(s) are also to be included as part of the move, they too can be shipped by sea, either containerized or via the roll-on and roll-off process. Ocean shipping options include: FCL- full container loads; lift vans; or LCL - less than container loads.

Road Transportation

We also transport a clients household goods via traditional open highway. Whatever the size of your household and your final destination, Aaversal promises to deliver a seamless process. In addition, each client shipment is assigned its own dedicated Relocation Specialist to carefully orchestrate the entire move from start to finish.


We Work For You

We’ll assist with your relocation from initial estimate and document preparation, to tracking and delivery.